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About Me

Yves De Nys

Over the last decade I have been slowly developing my style and interests whilst following a ceramics course at the Art Academy of Mechelen. Through the exploration of the different techniques - throwing, pinching, coil, slab, slip casting, sculpting - I landed on 3 that speak to me the most : slab building, slip casting and sculpting. With these 3 techniques I like to explore different styles of work. 

Slab building and slip casting I use mostly to create geometric shapes that are planned and an outcome that is very deliberate. With these works I like to push and pull the clay in the way that I have intended it. This requires a lot of preparation and focus in order to reach the harmonious result that I have in mind. 

For the sculpting works I use a freeform approach that allows for more surprises. Here I let the clay guide me in an organic way. With no set outcome of the final product, it allows for a freer experience in the creative process that is more relaxed.

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